Армения Онлайн
 Lucia, 48
Армения, Ереван
фото пользователя
Общие данные:
родилась 26 июня 1971 г.
знак зодиака — Рак
Рост — 158 см, вес — 70 кг
Не замужем, детей нет
Образование — высшее
Номер на сайте — 301363
It's an unpleasant thing for me to speak about myself. But if you wish I can describe my personality in a few sentences-An average looking woman with big heart, honest,sincere,kind,loyal,feminine, very lively,vivacious, incurable optimistic and positive person.Well bred,respectful to people of all ages and their opinion,very modest,never showing off myself or pretending someone who doesn't have anything common with me...Put great love into my life and in everything I do...Love God,life,people,sports,music(playing the piano,composing songs for children,writing poems,singing...),animals,art... Intelligent and serious but with smart and friendly humor.Supportive,helpful and responsible for everything I do.Also quite strong willed and able to face various challenges of life.